Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Pi Day from Homefix!

By Homefix Corporation

March 14th is observed as "Pi Day", in celebration of the mathematical constant Pi (3.14...). In the interest of relating "Pi" back to energy efficiency, you may be interested in this pie chart from the Energy Star website.

Energy Chart from
The majority of this energy usage chart indicates that most of the average home's energy expense goes to heating and cooling the home. This is a fact that Homefix Corporation knows all too well, and it's why energy efficient building components, such as replacement windows, or weatherproof roofing systems, can help homeowners save a significant portion on their energy bills.

While energy efficient home improvements certainly take a chunk out of the biggest the piece of the pie, the other slices should not be discounted. Water heating is the third largest expense, and this can be helped by insulating pipes, or choosing a more efficient water heater. Solar hot water, also known as solar thermal, is an option that uses the heat from the sun to keep hot water available as needed, without the expense.

Being mindful of appliance usage is another way to help reduce energy bills. Energy star appliances are meant to reduce consumption, and only using appliances and electronics as needed will help reduce the cost even further.

Use these tips to help tackle each slice of the energy usage pie, and happy Pi Day from Homefix Corporation!

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