Tuesday, January 8, 2013

100th Post! A Recap of the Most Popular Homefix Posts of 2012

This article marks the 100th entry into the Homefix Weekly Review, and, coincidentally, we just passed the one year anniversary of this blog! Thank you to those of you who continue to read our articles, and for your support of Homefix Corporation.

In celebration of our 100th article, this post will be a recap of the 5 most popular posts from the past year to date.

5. Friday the 13th- A Lesson in Superstition
Written on Friday, January 13th, this just-for-fun article explains the origins of the superstition surrounding the unlucky (or lucky, depending on how you choose to view it) date.

4. Who Wears the Tool Belt? Women in Home Improvement
This article explores a few statistics about the increasing involvement of women in home improvement and remodeling projects.

3. Different Types of Insulation
As a professional home improvement company, Homefix Corporation knows plenty about energy efficiency, and proper insulation plays a vital role. This is a list of the 5 basic types of insulation, along with their uses.

2. What Makes a Window Efficient?
While you may have heard about the benefits of replacement windows, you may not know exactly what it is that makes these windows energy efficient. This article from the Homefix Weekly Review explains how the different components each contribute to superior energy efficiency.

1. Awesome Exteriors
Readers must have been searching for inspiration for the outside of their homes, because this article is currently the popular of all time. It features photos that we pinned to our Outdoor Ideas Pinterest board.

Thank you for continuing to support our blogging efforts, and we look forward to bringing you more more exciting content this year!

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